May 24th, 2019

At Atwell Plumbing, we see and resolve an exceptional number of problems that could have been easily avoided or mitigated early on. To us, these issues represent significant sums of money that homeowners could be saving or investing in other areas of their properties instead. Unfortunately, much of the typical plumbing system is out of sight and out of mind. The good news is that there are a few tell-tale signs of mounting trouble. Following is what you need to know about when to search for plumbers near me.

Slow or hidden leaks are a huge source of trouble for residential building structures. That’s because the average home has plenty of areas in which leaks can exist for months at a time undetected. These are usually in crawlspaces, basements or other low-lying areas, behind appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, and at all other external water connections.

The key to catching a hidden leak before it causes major property damages lies in paying attention to the building materials within these areas. Look for slight discoloration, curling, buckling or softening of materials. For instance, if your linoleum is starting to discolor or soften slightly just around a wash basin or tub, then this means that there is moisture in the area and that something is either not connected properly or not draining correctly.

Damp, musty smells in your basement may indicate a need for special drainage. If rainwater is entering your home, a sump pump can help you get these areas dry, particularly during wet seasons. If installed correctly and in a timely fashion, a back-up sump pump can prevent significant building damages, mold development and many other issues that can negatively impact things like overall usability and resident life quality.

Slow draining showers, tubs and sinks generally indicate minor clogs or blocked systems that can be easily mitigated before major back-ups occur. In addition to resolving issues like these in an affordable fashion, our plumbers can also share helpful drain maintenance tips for preventing similar problems going forward. Prevention is always going to be cheaper than repair.

Discoloration of drywall and baseboards may mean that you have a leaking pipe. When pipes leak, even a slight problem in pressure can lead to a ruptured pipe and potential flooding. In addition to paying careful attention to building materials throughout your home, you also want to take advantage of whole-house plumbing inspections, at least once each year. With these, your plumber can spot the signs of mounting trouble early on, so that the costs of fixing any existing issues are modest and easy to manage.

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